How to convert BS11 references to EndNote

Converting BS11 references to Endnote
1. Ensure references are in Endnote - they can be exported from BS in Endnote format.

2. In word change the BS temporary citation [Sharr, 2007 #8668] to Endnote format -- {Sharr, 2007 #8668} -- start using Endnote.

3. Can use global find and replace to do the changes - Very easy.

4. If the references are in BS word add-in format, i.e. (Sharr, 2007)
-- this means they are embedded in a field (can toggle field code with mouse right click to see the field code)
-- simple go to the Biblioscape11 tab -- select tools options -- select convert fields to text.
-- go to step 2.

Note: At the moment there is no conversion from the temporary citation format, i.e. plain text, to BS formatted references in the add-in.


You need to do step 4 and

You need to do step 4 and then reinsert the citations from EndNote manually. Is this what you meant in step 2?

Step 4 is required before

Step 4 is required before step 2 if the references have been added via word add-in.