HELP From User Please -- RE Word-Addin [RESOLVED]

RE Using Word Add-in on large documents.

I have written most of the first draft of my thesis in BS.

Have now transferred to word as separate documents so I can do the editing in Word.

I have change all the temporary citations to BS11 word11 add-in.

Question: How do I merge documents and get citations at end of document.

At the moment I have tried several methods (master document & insert text form files)

However on reformat all the citations are consolidated after the first document and then at all other documents the citations for that document are left in place.

Any help to resolve much appreciated.

Cheers & Thanks


In sub-document- turn-off instant formatting.
Remove all the bibliographies from the sub-documents.

Then in the Master document position cursor where the bibliography is to go. Hit reformat.

If you re-edit & reformat a sub-document then a bibliography it added. This has to be removed.
When Master document re-opened, reformat.


Thank you for posting the

Thank you for posting the tip. Biblioscape Word add-in will only update one bibliography list in a document. In the case of master document and sub-documents case, users need to remove the bibliography field in the sub-documents in order to generate a bibliography list at the end.