Biblioscape 7 third alpha release

Dear Biblioscape Users,

The third release of Biblioscape 7 alpha version has been made available at For a more detailed description of Biblioscape 7 alpha release, please go to

Installation: For the alpha release, we didn't package files inside a standard Windows installer. Instead, all required files are inside a self-extracting WinZip file. You can just run bsp7.exe and unzip it to an empty folder. To run it, double click the Biblioscape.exe file. To remove it, delete the Biblioscape folder.

History: Since the development is still in the alpha stage, we will not give a detailed bug fix list and minor feature improvements list. We will do that once version 7 goes to beta. This release fixed all the bugs reported at the beta forum (

Upgrade: If you have already installed the first alpha release, please delete the "Biblioscape 7 Beta" folder first before running the installation. If you want to use a database created with Biblioscape 5 or 6, please read the Upgrade section at for the details. If you have Biblioscape 7 first alpha release, You can no longer open the database created with the first alpha release. You have to do the upgrade conversion of version 5 and 6 databases again. If you have Biblioscape 7 second alpha release, you can open its database without a problem.

Support: You are welcome to make suggestions and report bugs at the Biblioscape Beta forum ( We prefer you use the forum instead of email for bug reports and feature requests, so our communication can benefit others and provoke further feedbacks. Please post all issues with running alpha and beta releases at the Beta forum instead of other forums.

"List out of bounds (-1)" error


Hi Paul. downloaded and installed the third apha release.  I keep getting a "List out of bounds (-1)" error whenever I start.  I did a search for it on the website and I tried to see if Accession_Num vs Accession_Number was the problem.  I have Accession_Num in the genFldName.txt file so that is not it.


Any suggestions.

Christopher King

Christopher, I cannot

Christopher, I cannot reproduce this. Did you unzip the files to an empty folder and get this error message the first time you run it? Thanks.

Error gone now.


Let me ask this, what are the sequence of steps I need to do to update my reftypes and journal styles.

For Journal Styles, I did the following: I delete all preloaded styles except six.  I closed the program and re-opened without an error message.

Next, I I import the 13 .bff styles of the journal styles I created/modified from my version 6.4.  I imported successfully, closed the program, and re-opend without an error message.

Next, I closed the program.  I copied all the text files from \reftypes folder from my old version and copied/replaced them into the \Reftypes folder of version 7. I also copied/replaced defRefTypes.txt in the \Global from v6.4 to 7.0.  I opened the program without error.

Finally, I closed the program and copy/replaced the Caseword.txt file in \Global from old version to new.  I opened without error.

Maybe in my previous attempts I tried to do multiple things before closing and reopening and the program did not like it.  Doing it this way, I was successful in all movements and changes.




 Not initially no.  I


Not initially no.  I believe it started after I copied some text files from my old v6.4 reftypes folder to the new one so that my personally ref types could be used.


Do you still get the error

Do you still get the error message?

 The error seems to be gone


The error seems to be gone now.