Suggestion - Note and Reference types together with their icons

The Reference types frequently contain parts or sections differentiating the different types each of which currently has a different icon. The functionality which allows the user to create additional types is greatly appreciated but the available icons within the application being limited do not necessarily allow a logical construction of the different types and their icons.


Being aware that both the application and the database itself are structured to reflect the field details for each reference or note type, any resolution may be complicated.
But; if generic part names existed e.g. Edited, Section, Extract, – to reflect existing parts and these were potentially available as an option for every reference or note type (accepting they would be surplus for some) each part could then be identified via its icon with an overlay icon matching its type resolving the user demands for more icons and creating a common icon structure more easily understood by early adopters of Biblioscape. See for what is meant by icon overlay.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the suggestion. But the system used in FileMaker Pro is too complicated. Biblioscape is loaded with a few more icons than the pre-defined ones. The file "C:\Biblioscape 11\global\bib_type.txt" controls which icon to use for a certain reference type. We can find a way let users view the icons available for reference types. So they can modify the file to assign an icon for their custom reference types.

Ah, good to know. Where can

Ah, good to know. Where can the user see the correspondence between the numbers in bib_type.txt and the icons. It would be useful to assign something from the existing selection to the custom ref types.

Also, I just tried and it works with new references or on a modification. How can i force all references of a particular type to be updated with a new icon?


In the version 11 minor

In the version 11 minor upgrade, we will provide a way on the Options window "Reference types" tab to let users assign an icon to a specific reference type easily.

great, thanks

great, thanks