Make This Forum Functional!

Please!!! It used to be and can be very useful. At the moment, no meaningful conversations are possible at all as messages do not go through for weeks. Which, especially at the time of a beta, is worse than nothing.

Totally non-functional

Scores of spam messages, no a single reply by Paul Chen in MONTHS.

Hi Happy to join the

Happy to join the conversation.

When you say messages do not go through for weeks ... are you referring to delays in them being posted (which I do not encounter) or delays in responses from BS-support?

Biblioscape is such a useful program would be good if we can get more involved. Overall it has more relevant functionality than another similar software that I am aware of.

There is quite a bit that users can exchange by way of ideas, functionality,.. and beta issues, etc. This is only forum I know of where users have virtually no communication among themselves. BE good if this can change.