Using word - can any one help (UPDATED/RESOLVED)

I amusing BS11 (beta)

In the past in writing short articles I have not used the BS word add-in. I have simply complied straight from BS into word, tied up and printed. Never played with citations in word.

I am now finalizing a this and want to utilize the word add-in however there seems to be a problem.

I compile the chapter to word. All good reference come across ok.

BUT when I add a new citation in word using the BS add-in it does not update the reference numbers that came across from BS.
There appears to be two separate systems for citations -- the one brought across from BS and the one used in word. Is this right? or is there a way to convert the BS citations to conform with word? If not is means I have to return to BS every time I want to make a small change in an area and compile the entire thesis!!!!

Any help in using the word add-in much appreciated.




I spoke to Paul. They are two different systems.

I am now converting my thesis from BS to word only. This entails identifying each reference in the BS style, adding the new add-in format and deleting the old one.

Have found this is not a difficult task.

The new system uses Microsoft's native 'FIELD' system and for large documents I am finding this works a lot better. I can work on separate chapters in word and combine them and then use word to re-format the citation numbering. This did not happen when you compiled from BS -- in effect you had to compile the whole document to ensure the referencing was treated correctly.

Hope this helps