Using word - can any one help (UPDATED/RESOLVED)

I amusing BS11 (beta)

In the past in writing short articles I have not used the BS word add-in. I have simply complied straight from BS into word, tied up and printed. Never played with citations in word.

I am now finalizing a thesis and want to utilize the word add-in however there seems to be a problem.

I compile the chapter to word. All good reference come across ok.

BUT when I add a new citation in word using the BS add-in it does not update the reference numbers that came across from BS.
There appears to be two separate systems for citations -- the one brought across from BS and the one used in word. Is this right? or is there a way to convert the BS citations to conform with word? If not is means I have to return to BS every time I want to make a small change in an area and compile the entire thesis!!!!

Any help in using the word add-in much appreciated.




I spoke to Paul. They are two different systems.

I am now converting my thesis from BS to word only. This entails identifying each reference in the BS style, adding the new add-in format and deleting the old one.

Have found this is not a difficult task.

The new system uses Microsoft's native 'FIELD' system and for large documents I am finding this works a lot better. I can work on separate chapters in word and combine them and then use word to re-format the citation numbering. This did not happen when you compiled from BS -- in effect you had to compile the whole document to ensure the referencing was treated correctly.

Hope this helps



Unfortunately, BS

Unfortunately, BS re-compiles the whole word document every time a reference is added or modified via the plugin. It is slow and breaks with longer documents. Paul even said that the Word plugin is not intended for longer documents, if I remember right. It would be good to have tools to cope with this.

To manually suspend automatic compilation as you can do in EndNote.

To only compile what changes rather than all.

This is what comes to mind. Correct me if I am wrong.

This problem is addressed in

This problem is addressed in version 11 add-in for Word. It has a ribbon tab in Word, from there you can turn on and off Instant Formatting.