Reftypes - BS 11 (beta) -- anyone know?? -- UPDATED/RESOLVED


I have quite a few modified or new reftypes in BS10 and want to bring these across to BS11.

Can the reftypes folder simple be copied from BS10 to BS11 or does each separate file in the folder have to be imported one at a time using the import option in BS11 (under home/options/reference types)



I note the following comment in the Manual under what's new in BS11

"The following fields are added in Biblioscape version 11 database reference table: Trans_authors, Trans_title, Date_accessed"

I would assume that this preclude simply copying the folder.

Given the above then as part of the migration process it would be good if ALL reftypes could be imported automatically rather than doing them one at a time.


Stephen, as you found out,

Stephen, as you found out, custom references has to be redone after each major upgrade in the past. Between major upgrades, the reference table structure is changed. Some fields may be added, remoced, or edited, Now the reference table structure is stablized. In version 11 Options window, if you go to the "Reference Types" tab, click on the Actions icon, you can upgrade an old custom reference type to version 11 format.