For the Info of any current B.9 Users - Identified bug in B.9

For the Info of any current B.9 Users - Identified bug in B.9
The Bug(s) are within the reference module causing associated bugs in the Lookup tab and causing Biblioscape 9 itself to lock up 
requiring a Task manager process tree closure but Biblioscape then locks up at the splash screen stage upon re-opening.
The bug did not reveal itself within Biblioscape 11 early trial release when tested with the same record. Well done Biblioscape!
A resolution available existing Biblioscape 9 users is:-
Remembering the particulars of the problem reference close all the Biblioscape processes by selecting the close process tree option 
for Biblioscape in the task manager process tab.  If that was not done, first reboot the system.
In a Registry editor open the relevant:
CG Information
key and alter the Value Data path text to the path of the sample database.
Close the Registry editor. 
Re-open Biblioscape 
From Open the Sample database by double clicking the sample.bsl file.
With Biblioscape now open and the sample database loaded:
Select the References module of the sample database and in the Preview Pane select the References Abstract Tab.   
Do not select the Read Tab!
With Biblioscape set in that condition, from within Biblioscape re-open the problematic database.
Making sure the Preview Pane, Abstract Tab remains selected; 
In the Lookup tab select the Reference Type of the problematic reference to populate the Reference List with references which include 
the problem item. 
If an error is reported at this stage (List Index Out of Bounds -1 or nothing happens do not despair!) you will find the 
Edit Tab is selected, select the Abstract Tab and repeat the Lookup tab selection.
Select one of the references near to the problematic one in the reference list – not the problem one;
Now select the Edit Tab and then using the up or down keyboard key move to the problem reference.
In the problem reference remove the relevant field data, export in Biblioscape Tagged File format to analyse in a word processor, 
or/and delete the record.
The problem this end was traced to either an unknown character whose characteristics were that of a return character in the 
author field immediately prior to the first entry, or, nested tables within the Rich Text tab which was probably originally 
cut and pasted from a web page attached to the reference.)
Note: Interestingly with this/these errors contained within a record, the authors table did not update from the problem reference 
leaving a deleted author remaining within the Lookup Index and causing Biblioscape to lock up when that author was selected in the 
Lookup Tab or the reference selected in another way with the Read tab actived. Whatever the input was it caused Biblioscape 
to present several distracting symptoms.

Thank you! I am glad the

Thank you! I am glad the problem is fixed in version 11 release.