Vancouver Formating - removeing spaces on mulitple references

Hi Paul,

I am using the Vancouver citation format.

When work is compiled from BS 11 into word with multiple but none sequential references a space is inserted between each reference. e.g (68, 74, 75). The preferred formatting under Vancouver is to have no spaces, i.e (68,74,75).

Is it possible to have this changed please. This would remove the need for trivial and repetitive editing when the work is recompiled after making corrections/amendments.

thank you


Stephen, you can easily

Stephen, you can easily remove the space after the comma by editing the style with the built-in style editor. In the style editor "Citation" tab, remove the space after the comma in the box "Citation separator". 

For Vancouver, I think the space is actually required after the comma. When the citation is in superscript which is a variant of Vancouver, the space should be removed.