B.11. References Module.

With the Search Lookup tab open in the References module select a reference in the List view and the reference Edit tab for that reference.

If the Year is the lookup and a particular year is selected a single click on that year does not sort the references by that year, a double click inserts that year within any field which may become selected, overwriting the contents.

A memory exists here that this may be intend functionality from an earlier version but given that to sort the references from the Lookup tab requires a double click this creates potential for errors.

With the Authors as the Lookup field and the Year field selected in the Edit tab an Access violation is displayed when any Lookup item is double clicked. I suspect this same Access violation will happen in other fields with specific input requirements.

If that functionality is still required (for correctly completing some complex entries, if memory serves me correctly) could there be a more obvious indication that situation exists, and possibly an error message providing an obvious hint regarding the error.

Thank you for a detailed bug

Thank you for a detailed bug report. This bug will be fixed in the next minor upgrade. When the active field is in the Year row, double clicking a lookup field will prompt user with a message intead of the generic access violation error.