B.11 Upgrade from B.9 and References module

The upgrade of a B.9 database to B.11 although it took some time went without a hitch, although it required attention to action the B.10 and B.11 request boxes.
Having inadvertently ended up with both a B.8 and a B.9 database, testing the upgrade to B.11 has been additionally useful in identifying that Biblioscape allows the addition of reference types without re-creating them within Biblioscape itself. Needless to say this does not arise during an ordinary upgrade as Biblioscape does all the work during the automated process.
1. Copy the relevant reference type .txt file from a Biblioscape installation 'reftypes' folder to the B.11 'reftypes' folder.
2. Update the refTypes.txt file in the B.11 installation to include the name of the added reference type. This is probably a good opportunity to re-arrange existing reference types in alphabetical order.
This works between B.8 and B11 but it is not known how it will fare with other Biblioscape installations.

Ians, Thank you for posting

Ians, Thank you for posting the tip. If users need to migrate a custom reference type from an earlier version of Biblioscape. The custom reference type file has to reside under the original reftypes folder of the older version of Biblioscape. 

In the next minor upgrade of Biblioscape 11. We will provide an easy way for users to assign an icon to a custom reference type under the "Options" window "Reference types" tab.