BS 11 (beta) -- how are others going with it??? Very minor issue to report on opening new note.

The BS 11(beta) version is working well -- how are other going with it??

The beta version appears very stable. Considering it is a beta version I have so far come across relatively few and only minor issues so far. Although have not tried all options yet.

Very Minor issue - loading styles on new notes.
The new feature of loading a style for new notes is a great improvement.

However it does not save the style if no data entered immediately, eg sometimes I set up a couple of notes with headings then go back and enter data -- if I do this then the style is not saved and has to be manually entered.

Not a serious issue -- all I do is add a space and this is sufficient to save the style.


Stephen, Thank you for

Stephen, Thank you for reporting this bug. It will be fixed in the next minor upgrade.