Clipboard error

Hi Paul
I am getting a clipboard error with BS 11 (happened with BS 10 as well).

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I have downloaded a clipboard debugger and the error is originating with BS.

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When I try to shift to another area of BS the error repeats. Sometimes it clears itself, other times I use a clipboard clearing routine I have installed. It seems to occur only after I have been using BS for a little while,


Happens to me to. A lot!

Happens to me to. A lot! especially when working in Word. It seriously impacts the workflow.

This is an old problem we

This is an old problem we have not been able to fix because I cannot reproduce this. Biblioscape does access the clipboard a lot. I don't know why this problem only manifest in some systems.

This is very serious

This is very serious actually and happens on all of my computers (several, with different OSs and configurations, over time). Typically, a document formats OK several times and then there are problems like this one, pretty much in every session. Restarting Biblioscape and Word does not help. If the computer is restarted, the formatting is OK for a couple of times and then this behavior resumes. This is rather disabling.

I am keen to have this resolved, how can the users help? It should be possible to demonstrate this behavior via a remote control session for example, with something like TeamViewer, for example.

It seems another application

It seems another application was accessing the clipboard in the background while Biblioscape tries to use the clipboard. In your case, it looks like EverNote did not release the clipboard properly. Can you stop Evernote and see if still have this problem? Or Biblioscape didn't release the clipboard properly. Do you encounter this problem with every document? Can you use the sample database and create a small sample document to reproduce this? So I can use that document to try here and see if I can reproduce it.

I do not use EverNote and

I do not use EverNote and the same happens with EndNote uninstalled.

Yes, I can reproduce it in v10 with a new document and the sample database. Open a new document and paste in some text. Open a sample database and import some references. Open a few other applications, and documents. Copy and paste content between documents a few times. Copy and paste some images from Photoshop or similar. Try to reformat a few time, repeat the above, with the aim to simulate a typical workflow conditions and you will get this.


Click OK and reformat again and it works.

Add a new reference and you will get this.


Try to reformat again and it will fail to complete with strange artifacts looking like this


Reformat again and it will complete OK. And so on...

Seems like the clipboard gets clogged or locked like you said but how to check or how to purge it or release it, I do not know.

Any ideas on what it might be? Hope these steps will help you to reproduce the error.

I still cannot reproduce

I still cannot reproduce this on my systems. But we know this could be a problem on systems where other program may need to access the clipboard during the formatting. In the formatting process, Biblioscape constantly write to and read from the clipboard. We have experimented to get around this problem. But it is for version 11. Do you have version 11 installed? If it it a Yes, please first make sure you can reproduce this in version 11. Then let know and ask for a special version of the add-in that doens't use the clipboard and see if it can fix the problem.

We know it happens in 11

We know it happens in 11 too.

I am reluctant to try again as I shall have to remove the 10 plugin and then return. I cannot switch to 11 until it has been through some minor releases and until I have the time to carefully do all the necessary style customizations.

Maybe I shall try in a virtual machine.

Meanwhile, I did try clearing the clipboard when I have trouble, with no result. Biblioscape gives the 'clipboard empty or not valid' message having formatted some of the references. If you click to reformat again in the Word plugin, it gets does a few more than during the previous iteration or at least seems to be getting stuck in a different place. I do not use any other software between these tries.

I have also tried this. When having impossible trouble in Word, close Word, change the database to Sample, open Word and try to put references into a new document. It works. Nothing else is closed or changed so is this really the keyboard? Return to the actual research database, close Word, reopen the actual research document and there are clipboard errors. What does this suggest?

It does seem like this is something internal and that this whole thing needs a rethink. This never happens in any other reference applications I have tried and used, so, clearly this is possible.

In the next minor upgrade,

In the next minor upgrade, clipboard access error will be trapped after Biblioscape add-in cannot access the clipboard after 3 tries with some time depay in between.

Might you be able to explain

Might you be able to explain what this will mean from the point of view of the user? What will change and what actions will be required? Thanks.

The end users don't need to

The end users don't need to do anything. By accessing the clipboard multiple times with some time delay in-between, it will increase the chances of a smooth operation in case another program or process locked the clipboard.

Paul .. why don't you try

Paul .. why don't you try logging into SR's computer, if agreed, using Teamviewer or similar. You may be able to identify something on the system that is causing the problem.



Stephen, to really find out

Stephen, to really find out the cause, we need to reproduce it on the development machine with the debugger running. We know the problem is caused by clipboard locking. The formatting in Word add-in needs to access the clipboard a lot. Another application may access the clipboard at the same time and causing a conflict. What we will try is to send SR an add-in that clears the clipboard before the formatting and see if this can fix the problem. Thank you for the suggestion.