Error while exiting the application (BS 11)

After installing a new 11th version of BS, I encounter the following issue while quitting the program.
1. If the current folder is References:

BS always generates the error shown above.

2. If the current folder is not References (e.g. Categories):

BS never generates the error.

OS: Windows 10 x64

Besides, it is desirable to add the item "11.x" in the list "Versions:" on the forum topic form.

I was working in BS 11(beta)

I was working in BS 11(beta) when I read you post.

On moving the active window to references and closing I had the same error.

When i simply re-opened BS 11(beta), moved to references and then closed again I did not get the error.
I then re-opened BS 11(beta), opened a note in a separate window, made a change, closed the note window, moved to references window and then closed I go the error.

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OS Windows 10 x 64 as well.


The problem could be caused

The problem could be caused by the content in the rich text field of the first reference in that folder. Do you have the same problem when opening another folder?

I have had a similar error

I have had a similar error at times -- will monitor more closely based on what you have found.

How do you upload the screen shots?



Stephen, There are various


There are various ways to embed an image. an easy one is to use (or a similar service) and copy/paste the HTML code they provide. It has redundant bits but it works, you can try in a Preview.