BS - Version 11 - comments

Hi Paul,

So far version 11 is working ok. I am using various features as I go rather then doing a run through all the options. So far the look and feel is pretty much the same as BS10 and I have not come across any significant changes, new features/functionalities etc which is why I posted the earlier request for any over view from you. As I come across things I will post here.


1. There has been a new feature added which enable us to clear all styles form notes. This is great, I will be using this a lot.

2. Another Great New Feature - Truncation Issue
In the OPTIONS section under NOTES tab there is a new option to name a style file to be loaded every time a new note is opened. This is great and will save a lot of time. I have however encountered a problem in that the field size appears to be too short. I name my all my files so I can keep track of versions and the style files are no different, the path to my style file is as follows

D:\Drive_Study\BS Styles\PhD (08 SR) 1702-Arial.sty

When I try to select this I get a truncation warning error.

Can you please increase the field size for the file name and path.

In the OPTIONS tab under GENERAL tab we can change the interface font size. In my download it was sent to Font=14
I use Font=10 so changed it.

The changed Font size is not being 'remembered' by the program and so when it is closed and re-opened it reverts to 14.
The changed Font size does not flow through to all options -- eg when adding a note to a Reference
UPDATE: This seems to be resolved. Have not had issues for a while. Don't know why -- perhaps rebooting?

1. When a note has been opened in the note module the Alt+t option is gone to toggle the tool bar -- it is still there in the notes opened in the reference module (ie when making a note against a particular article) -- Can this be returned?

2. In the note taking module a new option save closed / save open has been added when a note is opened in its own window. Great idea.

3. In the note taking window which opens for placing a note against a reference -- there is only a SAVE option and when this is selected the note closes which means you have to re-open it to continue working. Can the same save open/ save closed option be added here?

Hope the above is helpful



UPDATE on interface font issue

This issue seems to be resolved. Not sure how but all working well. Perhaps it was something in my system.