Fast Search Scope and Limitations

The fast search does not seem to be searching through this field. What fields does it search through? Can this be fixed?

It is useful to be able to search through all, instantaneously.

Also, can we have an ability to constrain the fast search to the current list please?

Also, can the fields in the Advanced Search match the filed name in the currently displayed references? Or shown them in brackets (much better) or provide some other way that does not require going to the Reference Types via Options.


By default not all text

By default not all text fields are included in the fast search because some of them will never be searched against by most users. If you want to add a field to the fast search index, you can do this by go to the "Options" window. Under the "Database" tab below the "Table and index management" label, select table "bib", select a data field, you can then choose to add or remove it from the full text index.

The current release does not support limiting the fast search to the current list. But in the next minor ugprade of version 11, we will support this if you put the "=" at the end of your fast search query.

We will not make the field name in the advanced search reference type dependent. Because that will be confusing to most users.


Thanks for the advice and

Thanks for the advice and for considering the suggestions.