Journal list

I am presently using BS 10 with Word 2010 on a PC under Windows 7. Biblioscape automatically puts the full journal name in the bibliography while the journal requires the abbreviated name. As an old user of BS (since version 4) I have looked for the journal list to edit it, but I could not find it on the ribbon. I probably need to enter the abbreviated name as a secondary journal name in the bibliography style. But how can I access the journal list? Alternatively, could you suggest a workaround?
Best, Andre

Andre, To access the journal

Andre, To access the journal name list in Biblioscape, click the "Styles" in the Ribbon menu. In the style list window, click on the "More Actions" button and select "Journal Name Editor". You can then enter the abreviated form. In the style editor, make sure the "Abbreviation" is selected in the Journal entry for the style you used. Paul