ElevateDB Error#300

Hi Paul

I was encountering an error when cutting and pasting form one note ot another.

I decided to do a "Repair Database" operation, but it would not do a repair. AS it starts I get this message:

ElevateDB Error#300 Cannot lock the table bib in teh schema Default foe exclusive access.

Any suggestions



Close Biblioscape and Word.

Close Biblioscape and Word. Before closing, select one of the blue folders in Biblioscape, then reopen Biblioscape and repair.

Not sure when this message will appear. This Forum is completely dysfunctional now. Posting on 27 Feb, 1am UTC time.

sorted -- after a second

sorted -- after a second reboot was able to complete the repair process - Stephen

The Word Add-in has access

The Word Add-in has access to the database. If that is not properly closed, Biblioscape cannot get the exclusive access to the database in order to repair it.