Search by Reference Type in combintation with other fields: How?

As in the title, cannot see it in the search list.

Also, how can I search in the displayed list only?


Hi .. not sure about main

Hi .. not sure about main query but to search the current displayed list enter search criteria then in the drop down box that appears when you press the down arrow next to cog symbol that is the right of "Advanced" in the search window - select "search the current list"



This forum is like having

This forum is like having voices in one's own head.


In case anybody is interested, I managed to do this via Saved Searches because they expose actual SQL queries, see the example below for reference. Would be good to have the normal search similarly flexible.

select Ref_ID, Folder, Folder_ID, Priority, Ref_type_ID, Year_pub, Authors, Title, Sec_title, Categories, Ref_Mark, Icon_au from bib where Deleted IS NULL and (UPPER(Ref_Type) = UPPER('Test')) and (UPPER(Authors) like UPPER('%Test%') or UPPER(Sec_Authors) like UPPER('%Test%')) order by Year_Pub DESC

The method suggested by

The method suggested by Stephen is better