categories hierarchy


I like the categories module in BS but I noted one problem that can be embarrassing. When I use a parent-child relationship, in BS the requested relationship appear in a tree-like structure, e.g.


However, this relationship seem to be stored in BS with two separate categories, separated by semicolons, e.g. "toxicology; methanol". Thus, when I want to enter methanol as a separate category or as a child category under another (parent) category, a warning appears that it already exists. I do not know how categories behave when exported but I suppose from this feature that they are listed independently from the fact that some categories are in parent-child relationship with each other. I would prefer a tight binding between the parent and child categories which also would allow entering identical category names if they are under different parents.

Lajos Kovács

Lajos, the categories are

Lajos, the categories are treated as tags. When you tag a reference with a category, only the selected category is added to the categories field of that reference. It doesn't matter if that category is in a tree structure or not. So if you have two category in a tree structure with the same name, you can differentiate them by adding a scope in a parenthesis. For example, "methanol (toxicology)". If you want to organize references in a tree structure that allows the same name, you can use "collections". If you still prefer to use categories, you can organize them differently. For example, if a person named Smith belongs to two teams, you can organize it like "team A > Smith", "team B > Smith". But you can also organize the tree like "teams > team A", "teams > team B", "people > Smith". This may solve your problem of naming conflicts.