Categories - other names

Categories - other names

In the categories module under an individual category item there is an option to add an "other name". The manual indicates that this is the preferred way to add ambiguous terms. So for example the category "nursing home" could have "hostel" as an 'other name'.

When I add "hostel" to the category of notes or references should these then be returned in a category search for "nursing home"? ie I should get all the records with the category "nursing home" plus all the records with the 'other name' designation of "hostel"?

The reason I am asking is that this does not seem to happen, and yet this seems to be the logic behind using 'other names'.



Stephen, the field "Other

Stephen, the field "Other names" is for adding synonyms of a category name. There may be other names not often used, abbreviations, foreign names, etc. When you tag a reference or note with such a category, only the category name is added. But we users enter other names in the fast search, the tagged references will be found. This is very useful in a multiuser environment where you want to keep a list of standard names. You can add unconventional names of the same concept in the other names field. So some users can still find the tagged record when the term they are familiar with are entered for fast search. In your case, when "hostel" is entered in the fast search, all the records tagged with "nursing home" will be found.

Hi Paul, Thanks for

Hi Paul, Thanks for clarifying. Cheers.