Word - Office365

Hi Paul

I am just starting to write a series of articles and am using the BS word addin for the first time. I have Windows 10 and Office 365.
The addin has installed ok but when I open a word document there are no references loaded -- the addin displays
I have tried opening and closing BS and Word in various combinations but no change in result.
Does the addin work with Office365, if so any suggestions that I may try?

Thank you


Stephen, the add-in will

Stephen, the add-in will load the last opened database in Biblioscape. Run Biblioscape again and open a database and close it. Then start Word and see if it loads a database or not.

Hi Paul .... now sorted ...

Hi Paul .... now sorted ... I did a DB repair and it seems to be ok after that, cheers Stephen

Hi Paul Sorry for the delay

Hi Paul

Sorry for the delay in responding. When I try what you have suggested still doesn't work.

When in word in the BS panel I can right click and select "Open in Biblioscape"

I select this option and BS starts to open .. there is then an error --
ElevateDB Error#700 - An error was found in the statement at line 2 and column 1 (missing expression).

I click OK the BS continues to open.


Not sure what to try but it

Not sure what to try but it does load OK here.