Suggestion: Cited-Reference Grouping and Tracking

Along with a better Word integration can we implement a feature that is VERY convenient in EndNote and elsewhere? When one adds references to a Word document, can Biblioscape create a corresponding virtual folder with the name of the Word file so that the user could easily see what references have been added to what paper?

Thank you.

This feature has already

This feature has already been implemented in version 11 add-in. You can click a "Cited References" button and all the cited references in the current document will be listed on the right. You can select any reference there and click the right mouse button and click "Find in Document". Biblioscape will jump to the place where this reference is cited. Here is a screenshot:


Looks good, thanks. It might

Looks good, thanks. It might be useful to have an ability to display it in the main program too in case these references need to be edited, linked, etc.

You can edit reference in

You can edit reference in the add-in directly. Or you can select "Open In Biblioscape" from the popup menu and the selected reference will be opened in Biblioscape to edit or link.