Biblioscape - enhancement for new notes-and the ability to load styles

Entering data into a new note.

When entering data into a new note there is often the requirement to format the text. For example when cutting and pasting from an article it brings across the interpreted font style. This could be for example new Times Roman - single space.

In the note I sometimes want to format what I have copied is a 'quotation' with particular line spacing, justification and indents. I then want to make a few quick comments which are formatted differently.

Currently it is not possible to load styles file into a new open note. There are two workarounds;
1. I have an existing note open and copy and paste a character into the new note. I then delete the character. With the paced action the styles are inserted in the new note based on the existing note.
2. Save the new note, it then closes. Open the new note that has just been saved at now one can right click and manage styles. The styles can then be loaded.

1. To have the ability to load styles with a new note is open. OR
2. When a new note is saved prevented from closing. Closing should be a separate option. I assume this will then allow access to the manage styles on the menu. OR
3. Allow an option to have a designated style loaded on the opening of a new note.

For ease of workflow option 2. AND 3. Would be great

Thank you


Stephen, when adding a new

Stephen, when adding a new note from the references module, you can click the right mouse button and select "Toggle toolbar" (Ctrl+T) to display the toolbar. You can then have access to the style combo box.

Hi Paul, that's true ... but

Hi Paul, that's true ... but there are no styles loaded! Also you cannot manage styles because there is only a limited menu that comes up when you right click on first opening a new note. The extended menu only comes up after you have saved and re-opened.