Attachment not found

Hello Paul,
I use 'Attachment' to save the path to the journal articles I reference. Recently I moved these pdfs to my D-drive. Now Biblioscape complains that the files do not exist. In the error message I notice that the drive is ommitted. I suppose Biblioscape assumes that everything is on the C-drive? The path is otherwise correct.

Eric, when you save files

Eric, when you save files under the "Attachment" folder and link to it, relative path is used. So when moving the database to another computer, the path is still valid. It is the recommended way. Linking to any other folder, absolute path has to be used. After you move the files to the D drive, you need to modify the data in the Attachment folder. First, retrieve all reference (Ctrl+R). Then click the "Replace" button. Click the "More" hyperlink and limit the changes to the "Attachment" field. Replace "attachments\" to "D:\...\attachments". 

If you are running out of disk space on C, I would rather the database to D drive instead just the attachments folder. So relative path can still be used.