Biblioscape project is questionable

Dear Biblioscape developers!
We, numerous users of Biblioscape, deeply concerned about cessation of upgrading the software since June 2015. Our interesting and topical forum is also fading.
Most of us have collected a large amount of references from corresponding areas of research and been using them for ongoing investigations, so we would like to understand perspectives of the software platform we use.
I hope, most of users will support my address.

Regards, K


All of your concerns are reasonable and so far not adressed. May it would be better for us who we have invested time for research database building in biblioscape to realize that this software is not here.


This is Paul. I apologize

This is Paul. I apologize for not keeping users updated. There is an obviously slow down in the last 12 months. But version 11 is on the way. It will have many improvements and a much better integration with Microsoft Word. We will try to get it out before the end of this year. Thank you for your continued support and patience. 

I don't worry now

Thank you, Paul.
After your explanation I believe in the project and will continue to concentrate references and research activity around BS. Very glad to hear such news.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your confidence. Working on a few minor issues now. Definitely getting version 11 out before the end of this year.

I'm also concerned and I

I'm also concerned and I hope there will be an explanation for difficulties with upgrading and forum!


What??? Biblioscape development and support are in cessation?

Dear Colleagues,

I also noted that neither the Forum nor the support is working properly. It would be a honest attitude from the developers to tell about the perspective of this software. I also maintain >18,000 references in BS (earlier migrated from Papyrus) therefore it is vital to know that this database is safe.

Best regards,


Lajos, the development had a

Lajos, the development had a slow down. Version 11 is coming.

Indeed, I do share these

Indeed, I do share these concerns.

We could help to moderate the forum and answer questions, at the moment the message are not coming through at all or very slowly.

The support used to be first class but lately it was not possible to receive any reply.

Version 11 is not out and it is hard to recommend Biblioscape to anybody. The result is that I have to use BS for my own references and something else, linke EndNote for collaboration, doubling the effort.

What is the state of the software and the road-map, please?

I think that developing a

I think that developing a user culture were we can assist in moderating the forum is a great idea. It is used in many other similar situations to great effect.