How to remove hidden text

I need to remove the hidden text from a formatted document.

The Biblioscape 10 manual has this:

Journal submission and hidden text

When converting temporary citations to formatted citations and a bibliography, Biblioscape adds hidden text around formatted citations and the bibliography. So if needed, Biblioscape can convert the document back into an unformatted document with temporary citations. Hidden text can cause problems with publishing software used by scholarly journal publishers. Biblioscape offers the option to format a manuscript without adding hidden text. In the "Options" window "References" tab, check off the box "Support unformat manuscript". Once your paper is accepted by a journal publisher, you may want to turn off the above option and generate a final copy without hidden text.

I do not have any such box called "Support unformat manuscript" to check off. Has this been changed or moved in recent versions?

This option was removed

This option was removed since version 10 includes an add-in for Word that uses fields to do the formatting. In the upcoming version 11 add-in for Word, a new command is added under "Tools > Convert Biblioscape Fields to Text". This will function similiarly to the old way of removing the hidden text. In case you still use the old way of formatting through RTF file, we may bring back the option to remove hidden text in the document formatting Window as well.