Enhancement suggestion - renew notes

When entering a new note there is a need, on occasion to access the "insert symbol". For example, accented characters.

The "insert symbol" option does not come up as a menu option on right click.

Work Around:
Must save the note.

Problem with work around:
When you save a new note it automatically closes. You then have to go to the relevant folder and open it.

Enhancements request:
1. In new notes provide menu option for "insert symbol"
2. Allow save of new not without closing the note.

thank you


Stephen, in version 11, a

Stephen, in version 11, a pop-up command "Insert symbol" will be added to the note taking window.

Hi Paul, ta. When working on

Hi Paul, ta.

When working on a new note the first time you save it closes ... is there a technical reason for this? Would be preferable to be able to save when working on a new note without the hassle of closing.



The note taking window is a

The note taking window is a popup window. When it is displayed, users cannot access any other window. The design was to let users jot down ideas quickly. In most cases, users want to close the notes when clicking the Save button. Technically, the note is not created and linked to the reference before the Save (and close) button is clicked. If a separate Save button is added, it iwll make things more complicated when the Cancel button is clicked. We will leave it like the way it is. As I mentioned, the "Insert Symbol" command will be added upon your request. Thanks, Paul