References in a collection don't update the name of the link when the name of the collection change

I have a Collection named "Por Revisar" with multiple references; then i change the name of this Collection to " Por revisar para tesis" i look into the Link tab in all the refecenes in this collection and the name of the link it's "Por Revisar" don't change to the new. Is this a commun behavior?
The references are in the collection without problems, but it's confusing and enoing have to change manually one by one.
Looking more references other problems with links arise, the links deleted in a references are presents. If i delete a link between a reference and a collection and i deleted the collection the link in the tab Link of the references it's still there.

Thank you for letting us

Thank you for letting us know. The collection name should change under the "Link" tab. We will have this fixed in version 11. Once you have version 11 installed, change the collection name back to its original name. Then change it again, the names under the "Links" tab will then change accordingly.