upgrading from 8 to 10


We are using Biblioscape 8 and want to upgrade to 10. We use the program solely to put on the web a specialized scholarly bibliography with about 13,000 references (and adding more), so we are most interested in BiblioWeb. We have customized reference type and output files. How easy would it be to upgrade to Version 10 and migrate our 13,000 references and customized files? I think we bought Professional before, in 2011.

The upgrade will take some

The upgrade will take some time with 13,000 records and a few clicks. Be sure to backup your database first. If there are any problems, please let me know how to download your backup and I can help. Paul

installing trial version


Hello Paul,
We are ready to migrate. We do need to keep the database accessible online, however. Can I download the software in the trial version and test it out with our customized files to see if everything works first? We also use a non-default port. Do I just download the software to C:\Biblioscape10 and direct the config file to the data? How many tries do I get with the trial software?
Backing up is mandatory, I know.