Table_bib_main: Field 'BPDeleted' not found.

I am probably among the most laggard of Biblioscape users. I've tried moving to version 9 and then 10 but given up for lack of enough hours to fool with it and have just gone on with version 8. My needs are pretty simple and it has served all right. Until today it announced that it could no longer find the database it had been using. I cannot figure out what happened to it — it's not in the recycle bin. In any event I tried going back to my last backup. It loaded, but when I try to do anything it tells me Table_bib_main: Field 'BPDeleted' not found. If I had the right stuff to be a real Biblioscape user, no doubt I would immediately know what this meant and what to do about it, but as things are it has me altogether baffled.

The field "BPDeleted" is a

The field "BPDeleted" is a database field no longer being used. You can zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip ( Paul