Keeping notes in desired order in composition module


After a long hiatus of several years from Biblioscape (version 8) I am embarking on a large project that will require extensive use of Biblioscape notes and especially composition module.

My problem is how to keep notes in a particular order once I have placed them in the composition module. I ask that because if I accidentally touch the "Title" tab or "note mark" or "note type" etc, it changes the order of the notes from what I want them to be and then have to re-position them either by drag and drop or the up and down arrow.

This is not such a big deal if there just a hand full of notes but in this case I am using well over 100 notes and it becomes a major problem.

As part of a solution I have numbered major segments of the outline so that they will always be in the correct order. But inside each of these outline sections there are many notes that I want to stay in a certain order.

So the question is: How do I do I retain the order of my notes in the composition module without having to re-position them if they get disarrayed or number them?

To go back to the order you

To go back to the order you manually set, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the column header. This will remove the sorting based on that column.