Icons for custom reference types

Will v11 allow users to create, import and assign custom icons for custom reference types? Or at least to select and assign from a given list? I have several of such types and it is confusing that they are all blank (which is a regression on the functionality that used to be available in earlier versions). From memory, this has been mentioned before.


If there is an existing workflow, please let us know. I see this is discussed here but has not database changed since?


In version 11 "Options"

In version 11 "Options" window "Reference types" tab, you can click the "Actions" button and migrate a custom reference type from an earlier version. In the next version 11 minor ugprade which will be made available soon, you can click the same Actions button and assign an icon to any custom reference type. There are 20 extra icons to select from.

Paul . the addition of the

Paul . the addition of the 20 extra icons which are user assignable will be a great addition in usability .... Cheers Stephen