How to encrease the Authors field width

Hi friends
Recently I discovered, that the width of Authors field (256 character) sometimes is not enough large for including all authors' names. Say, the publication has 39 authors and requires 781 characters in Biblioscape format.
Certainly, full authors list can be entered in other fields, but to enter it into Authors field is more preferable.
Is it possible to resolve the issue?

This can be done. First, if

This can be done. First, if you have BiblioWeb or BiblioRemote server running, close them. This action needs exclusive access to the database. In Biblioscape, click on a blue folder and quit Biblioscape. After restart, go to the "Options" window. Under the "Database" tab "Table and index management", select "bib" as the table, select Authors as the field, enter the new authors field length (less than 510), under "Action", select "Change field length" and confirm. If your database is very big, this process will take longer to finish.

Too small length!

Thanks, Paul.
This works, but the issue is that a lot of people want to be scientific authors, however the length of Authors field is restricted by 512 chars:

In future, as I suppose, we encounter the publications with hundreds of authors (because many gays dream of the glory), though the width should be extended in a future version.