Copy/Paste without styles & removing styles

Hi Paul
Having made some comments about styles the other day I find that even though I am aware of the problem, when you are under the pump it is easy to make a mistake.

I had written about 14 pages on my thesis. It is set up with the styles all sorted for how I want in the final thesis and to make it easier when I finally export to Word for final editing.

In another section I have notes and work where the styles are set up under a different format. I copied just a couple of lines from these notes and pasted into the thesis draft .. Ahhhh.

The old formatting came across and over wrote the thesis style. I knew what I had done as soon as I pressed the button.

But we are so used to being able to copy & paste without this hassle.

Appreciate it is a purchased module but can we please have 2 new options to fix this, it should be easy to do:

1. Have an option to remove all styles from a note. (This would save having to delete 1 by 1)
2. On paste have an option to do so without the styles.

These two options would make working with the current styles functionality a lot easy and less traumatic.



Stephen, In version 11, we

Stephen, In version 11, we will add a pop-up command to clearn all style definitions of the current note. We will also add a pop-up command in the notes module to paste without the associated styles. It will be called "Paste as Plain Text" (Ctrl+Shift+V).

Thanks Paul, terrific

Thanks Paul, terrific response, Stephen