Suggestion: Attachments

Dear Paul,

I would have a suggestion regarding Biblioscape. In principal a small one, but might be significant.

Currently, a reference can carry exactly one attachment (to the best of my knowledge). There are, however, cases in which this is not sufficient. Examples are:
1) Ebooks, which you have e. g. as PDF and ePub (then you currently have to choose what to put into Biblioscape), or which consists of more than one part.
2) An article PDF with "supplemental material" (for that case, the more common one, I usually combine it into one PDF using acrobat right now)

So it would be great if Biblioscape could support more than one attachment per article at some point. Without adding additional fields to the database, I could imagine using a syntax like "attachments\article.pdf;attachments\suppmat.pdf" in the attachment field (of course with some logic so that you can click on both of them to open. However, it will fail if there are file names containing a ";".).

Do you think something like this can be done?

Best regards

epub files

Hi Paul,

Have you ever considered incorporating an epub reader into Biblioscape? It would be nice to open, typically a book, within BS.

Best wishes,


You can also put the

You can also put the relevant files into a folder and link to that. This is what I have been doing because the way Paul suggests makes links to existing files harder to notice in typical interface views.

Kristian, if you have more

Kristian, if you have more than one file, you can click the "Link" button and select "File" to link a file to your record. There is no limit on how many files you can link to a single record. Please click the "Update" button to get Biblioscape which fixed a bug when opening the linked file under the "Read" tab.

Dear Paul, thanks for the

Dear Paul,

thanks for the hint. I wasn't aware of that one.

Best regards