IE compatibility mode

Hi Paul,

Biblioscape hang up when trying to open the current version of the Web of Science web page. This is due to the IE compatibility mode with which the current version of the page is not compatible any more.
I know that for changing the compatibility mode of the embedded browser you need to change, a registry key and I did it for myself and everything works fine for me now. However, I suppose that most users of Biblioscape will not be confident with changing a registry key and it is quite evident that more and more sites will become incompatible with the compatibility mode. Thus, I am afraid you need to think about an installer for Biblioscape that would do it automatically. I understand that you want Biblioscape to be portable, but you can offer a choice of an installable version and a portable version as lot of other programs do.
There is of course also a possibility to embed webkit or gecko inside Biblioscape, but it is probably even more complicated than creating an installer.