Linking a folder to the Atachments folder

Dear Paul,
My PDF files (3000+) are presently located in a folder called "PDF_files" (actually the French equivalent). Many of them, but not all, have links to Endnote databases.
I wish to transfer all my Endnote databases to Biblioscape 10. How should I proceed to keep the attachments working? Once all the references have been transferred toBBS, I understand that I will be able to use Global Editing to redirect the Attachments links to my old PDF folder, and that this folder will remain unchanged. Is this correct?
What about the PDF files that will be downloaded later on? Do you reecommend putting them in the new Attachments folder? If so, I will from then on have two folders with PDF files, which may not be very convenient. Alternatively, I could put the new PDF's in the old folder and keep creating links in the Attachments field. Would these links be considered as relative and be forwarded by BBS as needed?
What would you suggest?
Best, Andre

Andre, when you add an

Andre, when you add an attachment in EndNote, it will copy the file to its own folder. When you export the records as EndNote export file, the absoluth path is not included. Is that the case for you? Please let me know more detailed info if you have difficulty making the file path correct. Once started using Biblioscape, I would recommend putting your PDF files under the "attchments" folder. Biblioscape will then use relative path. When you move your database between computers, the links will still work witout the need to use global edit to update them.