Biblioscape release

Biblioscape version is now available. To get this update, please run Biblioscape and click the "Update" button under the "Home" Ribbon tab.

Bug fixes: 
1/14/2015 The Year column is made sizable horizontally.
1/15/2015 When deleting a reference from the recycle bin, if an associated pdf file exists under the "attachments" folder, the pdf file will be deleted.
1/20/2015 For multiword phrases in the categories module, when click on the term, tagged records are not shown.
1/20/2015 For the categories list on the right, ansiSorting is activated, so English words are sorted as caseInsensitive.
1/23/2015 In the Word add-in, right click a reference and select "Open in Biblioscape" does not work under Windows 8.
1/23/2015 In styles list, gray favorite check box cannot be checked or unchecked.

Valuable changes

Thank you, Paul for updating. I see, that my ask ( and, maybe, of other users about deleting PDF is implemented.

But perfectness has no limits and I suppose, that comes the time to think on compatibility of inner Biblioscape styles with the modern industrial standard in citation styles (Citation Style Language, For example, it would be nice to introduce an import of *.csl styles into Biblioscape for using in work. has a huge set (over 7000) of free *.csl styles, so the possibility for involving them in Biblioscape can increase the performance of the manager.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestion. Something to think about in the future.

Thanks for this. I am

Thanks for this. I am concerned about automated attachment deletion. Is this being introduced or being removed? I never want this to happen silently. Can we please see a warning and an option to delete or cancel?

This is introduced in

This is introduced in I think most users will be annoyed by the unneccessary prompts. When a user permenantly deleting a reference, I don't see a reason to keep the orphaned PDF file under the database folder "attachment" sub-folder. We try to minimize prompts for a better workflow. Thanks, Paul 

Thanks for the comment Well,

Thanks for the comment

Well, I never want to permanently delete a fully functional reference. Only if it is an unwanted duplicate because of an extra click, or an import from a library interface or a manual edit gone wrong. I definitely never want to delete PDFs. But I guess I can live with this as long as I remember that this is the functionality. But it is easy to forget or not to know...

The pdf files under the

The pdf files under the "attachments" folder is named with reference ID. If you have a duplicate, it is most likely that duplicate has its own PDF file as well. You have two copies of the same file.

None of mine are name like

None of mine are name like that. I name, place and link them manually, following some stable personal conventions. Is this automatic naming a new functionality I missed? It sounds useful but I shall not be switching given the existing investment of effort.

If you name it yourself,

If you name it yourself, Biblioscape will not delete your PDF in any situation. When you add a reference with QuickAdd, Biblioscape will automatically download the associated PDF if it is available and name it like refpdf_xxx.

Ah, great.

Ah, great.