Bibliopalm- improved version

Hi Paul,

After all this work with B7 is finished, I believe you should release an improved version of Bibliopalm. You should include all fields from the desktop version in the palm version. I know that the screen from Biblioplam is very small, etc, etc, etc, but how can one sure that the some fields are less important than others?

I'll give you an example: I use (B6) the field "Category" to describe if a record is just a reference, a copy or an original. This information is crucial in Bibliopalm, so that I know in the library if I already have that record or not. Bingo! This field is not included in Bibliopalm. I also use the fields Custom 5 and 6, which I can't consult in Bibliopalm. It's a pity, but Bibliopalm doesn't help as much as I expected. I trust you'll change that in the near future.

The EndNote for Palm includes all fields from desktop (of course EndNote is not a match for Biblioscape, but the Palm version is more complete). Couldn't Bibliopalm do the same? Just including all fields?



Milene, we will improve

Milene, we will improve BiblioPalm after version 7 is released.