Deleting PDF with deleting a reference

Recently I notice, that during deleting a reference from database the PDF file remains in the attachment folder. It is hard to say, that this is serious inconvenience, but it's desirable to include deleting PDF in the procedure of removing.

May be it is OK to delete

May be it is OK to delete the PDF file if it is created by Biblioscape and stored under the database attachments folder. Otherwise we don't want to delete a PDF users may need in another place.

Perhaps have an option pop

Perhaps have an option pop up that asks the user if they want the PDF deleted as well. I find that I have to cull references every now and then as they are no longer relevant and I know I will not use the PDF. Stephen

Prompting user will disrupt

Prompting user will disrupt the workflow. In the next minor upgrade, Biblioscape will not delete the associated pdf when you delete a reference. The reference will first be put under the recycle bin. In case you want to restore a reference from the recycle bin, the pdf will still be there. But if you delete a reference from the recycle bin, Biblioscape will delete the associated pdf only when that pdf is under your database attachment folder and the pdf file itself is put there by Biblioscape.