'add from pdf' confusing

In version 10, the button 'add from pdf' is confusing and dysfunctional. While I now understand that this is part of the new reference functions and is to suppose to create a new reference, this is confusing since the more typical requirement is to add a pdf to an existing. Adding a pdf to reference, now requires several steps and is not obvious (open the pdf tab, press a small pfd icon at bottom of screen). Furthermore a few attempts to add a reference from a pdf file, seems to produce random junk unrelated to the pdf file.

If would be better to remove this button, until and unless it can be made more reliable. More useful, would be a 'add pdf' button in 'actions' menu, which adds a pdf to the currently selected reference. This would be more consistent with previous versions.

In the next version, we will

In the next version, we will improve the "Add from PDF" feature by allowing users to add additional keywords to find a match. We may also add a separate command to the menu bar for adding PDF to an existing reference. Thanks, Paul

using 'add with pdf'

Once I became familiar with the proper functioning of the 'add with pdf' button; I am finding it useful. This is simplifies the process of adding a reference. Google scholar search, save pdf, import reference 'add with pdf' is a simpler process and seems to work reliably.