How do I know when conversion is done?

I've downloaded version 10, and on opening my v.9 database it says that it has to perform a conversion. It warns it may take a long time. When I hit OK, the dialog box closes and then nothing happens; there is no progress bar or anything. Is there a way to know when the conversion is done? Is there a window that pops up? I let it go overnight but the computer went to sleep.

OK, I figured out the

OK, I figured out the problem. The conversion was halting almost immediately because a couple of months ago I moved my database folder to my Dropbox folder. I discovered this when I suddenly had to repair the Biblioscape 9 database, and it immediately gave me a "ElevateDB Error #600 File manager error" saying it was being used by another process. The process in question was Dropbox, as soon as a file is modified, Dropbox attempts to upload it. If the conversion is working, it should give you the Windows spinning circle (hourglass).

Anyone keeping your Biblioscape database in a Dropbox folder, when troubleshooting some problem one of your first steps should be to pause Dropbox uploads and see if that resolves the problem.