Word menu vs panes

I don't understand why the Word add-in for v10 was implemented as a run always pane instead of a menu, with option to open it as a pane. This is inconvenient and unnecessary. Further, after closing the pane then closing and reopening Word; the biblioscape pane opened twice taking up even more windows space. To stop this behavior required disabling the add-in and then restarting it. Very cumbersome. Is there a way to close and reopen the pane without having to enable/disable the add-in?

The point of using menus is to enable access to functions when they are needed. The option of moving a menu to a pane is only for those case when the functions are going to be used regularly for a period of time.

You can resize the add-in

You can resize the add-in pane. With your references displayed in a pane, you can drag and drop your references into your Word document to cite them.