ElevateDB Error #1100 - what does it mean and how do I fix this

When opening BS I get the following error message:
ElevateDB Error #1100 A connection to the server at '' cannot be established ('Socket error: No connection could be made because target machine actively refused it. (10061), on API 'connect')
The database is a .bsr file and I can acces the server and read, write, copy whatever I need to but nothing changes. Any ideas?

Mike, do you mean after the

Mike, do you mean after the error message, the records show and you can do read write and copy?

error 1100

I get this error when I disconnect from the remote database and then try to reconnect. If I stop and restart the server it allows me connect again with no problem.
Thanks John

Do you mean when you restart

Do you mean when you restart Biblioscape when connected to a remote database, you get the error message? It looks like Biblioscape tries to open a session that is already dead on the server.