Formatting manuscript from Word Addin

Dear Paul,

I just tried to get a manuscript formatted in Bsp 10 from Word 2007. I first tried to push the button "Format document" in the Add-in, and nothing happened.

Next try: Export as RTF and try to format this. As the document contained a few JPEG photos, this failed as well ("Out of memory"). So finally I deleted the photos, made an RTF, formatted that and put the photos back (and saved as DOCX).

As this matter has been discussed to some extent already in the forum, I suspected this matter to be solved. Did I just miss something? Or is there probably something wrong with my installation?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

How have you added your

How have you added your references? The workflow is to drag them in from the Addin. They get formatted on the fly then, unless there are some special circumstances.

As per here:

Works for me.

Would be great to have more people using this and reporting their experience to the developers as there are still some minor kinks in this process.

Hello, then I think I may


then I think I may have to admit that I got it wrong: I inserted temporary citations generated inside Biblioscape by pushing the "Temporary" button and pasting into the document. It's clear to me now it doesn't work that way (any more).

Drag and drop on the other hand works indeed fine.

However, I would still have a remark about the Word addin: The folder list just lists all the folders without displaying the tree structure as seen in Biblioscape. Especially if the references are stored in a large tree with several levels it makes life harder to find the reference in question (that's also a reason why I resorted to looking it up in the Biblioscape tree - it displays the complete tree structure. I think the display doesn't necesserily have to be graphically elaborate; it already would help if the tree depth would be indicated by indenting the names with spaces so that the tree structure becomes visible.

As I am already writing, maybe another idea:

Something that would be "nice to have" - especially for author-year citation schemes, would be the ability to generate references that match the sentence structure (without manual editing, which also works well). In order to illustrate what I mean I will give examples:
1) This and that was already shown (Clark and Smith, 2007).
2) Clark and Smith (2007) have shown that...
In LaTeX, e. g., different citation commands exist for that.

Thanks a lot

If you know the name of the

If you know the name of the folder you are looking for, you can start typing, Biblioscape will fill in with the best match. We will wait for more user feedback. We can add a project tree tab to display the full structure. If you want to hide author or year in a author-date citation format, you can click the right mouse button and select "Biblioscape Citationi > Exclude Author" or "Exclude Year".

would like to be able to see more detail

Here's my feedback on this topic:
I find it less convenient to add references from the Word Add-In because I can't see enough information in the Add-In to know I'm on the correct reference easily. I much preferred the old way, which was to position my cursor in the correct spot in the Word doc, go to my open Biblioscape window, and double click on a reference I wanted.

I also find it hard to find the correct reference in the Add-In without typing into the search winding for every single ref. In Biblioscape, I can see more of the info on the references by showing refs by tags or categories.

L. Jordan

In the add-in, you can click

In the add-in, you can click the search drop down box and pick a folder, collection, or saved searches. The reference preview is also displayed at the bottom pane. You can drag and drop a reference into anywhere in your document.

>1) This and that was

>1) This and that was already shown (Clark and Smith, 2007).
>2) Clark and Smith (2007) have shown that...

You can do it already. Right-click on your reference or do it manually by editing the Word field (Alt+F9) using ^na ^ny.

Re the interface, it is easy to find the references via search (or in the tree in full Biblioscape). But it would be good to be able to see the Title field in the addin for the cases where there are many references by the same author.

There is not enough space to

There is not enough space to show the Title field. 

true too...

true too...