Right reference type for a technical standard


I just was about to enter a reference into Biblioscape, where I was thinking: How do I fit that best into the available reference types? (I know I could define my own one, but I think that this should be achievable using the predefined stuff, and I also think I am not the first one to enter such a reference)

That reference is an ASTM technical standard. That means it has a title, a number, but not an explicit author (I could, however, put the institution there), and a year. By now I chose "generic". Are there any better ideas? Or is a type existing for that actually?

Thanks in advance

I think it depends on which

I think it depends on which output style do you plan to use with this type of records. Check against major styles like APA, MLA, and see which existing one best match the way you want it to be formatted. So you won't need to define your own style.