Error messages and quick fixes

Error message: Elevate DB Error #600 File manager error (Cannot delete the file C:/Docume~1/User/Locals~1/Temp/THINKPAD324245116369890References-ALL2.EDBTbl (OS Error: the process cannot access the file because the file is in use by another process)
Fix: This problem is likely caused by your anti-virus software interfering with Biblioscape. Biblioscape needs to create and delete temporary database files. If your anti-virus softeare thinks Biblioscape is a virus program, it will prevent Biblioscape from creating and deleting files. To fix the problem, please configure your anti-virus software not to treat Biblioscape as a virus program. For an anti-virus software, we like Microsoft Security Essentials. It is free from Microsoft with good ratings. 

Error message: Failed to set data for ''
Fix: If you received this error message at Biblioscape startup, it suggests your Windows prevents Biblioscape from writing to system registry. There are two possible causes. 1. Your anti-virus software treats Biblioscape as a virus and preventing it from writing to the registry. You can go to your anti-virus software and put Biblioscape into the safe program list. 2. In some rare cases, Windows User Access Control (UAC) prevents Biblioscape writing to the registry. You can test this by clicking the right mouse button on Biblioscape.exe and select "Run as administrator". If it runs without the error message, it suggests UAC is the cause. Or you can turn off UAC temporarily ( to test. Personally, I turn off UAC on every machine I owned beucase it is such a nuisance. I use Microsoft Security Essentials to protect my system.