Earlier Registration Key Problems

Hello Paul, I am a long-term Biblioscape user and I cannot find my version 8 key for some unknown reason, so I'm having problems installing my version 9 upgrade. How can I resolve this? I searched my email for anything from Biblioscape, but I suspect that the registration info was actually sent to me from some third-party. Do you know who was doing your version 8 sales over the Web?

Do you remember when and

Do you remember when and under who's name Biblioscape 8 was purchased?

Earlier Purchase

Hi Paul, I am unsure exactly when I purchased it, but it would have been when version 8 first came out. I purchased it under my name, Keith McCallum, keith@neoxenos.org, business was called Xenos. I actually first purchased Biblioscape much earlier, I believe version 4, back in 2006 or 2007. I've reached you before for a registration key on the earlier version(s).


The v.9 upgrade was purchased in my name, but through the credit card of Joel Hughes.

I found the record of your

I found the record of your 2004 purchase. I still cannot find version 9 purchase record under the name and email given. The credit card purchase is handled by SWREG. Please search your emails. The key is included in the purchase receipt email.


Yes, I have been a long-term customer. My SWREG order # is U5793354602

Basen the order number it

Basen the order number it should be ordered in November 2009. But I checked our records and SWREG's records, there is no record of this order. Can you email me the original email you received from SWREG after ordering? Thanks, Paul


Order Invoice / Receipt
Your order was processed successfully on Sat Oct 19 2013

Order Number: U5793354602
Our Details Your Details
Sold by: SWREG Inc.
10380 Bren Road West
Minnetonka MN, 55343
VAT Number: EU826011714
Federal Tax ID: 35-2308811

Name: Joel Hughes
Street: 4850 June Ave
City: Stow
State/Province: OH
Zip/Postal code: 44224
Country: United States
Telephone: 330-622-3387
Email: keith@neoxenos.org
Payment Method: MasterCard**9438
Product Code Name Delivery Method Price Quantity Total
475711 Upgrade Price Register online from the trial installation
Upgrade - Standard to Standard (new version) US $69.00 1 US $69.00
1rbs Registration Backup Service US $8.95 1 US $8.95
Total US $77.95
Grand Total US $77.95
If you are a company within the European Union and did not provide or do not have a VAT number, you can obtain the VAT refund from your taxing authority provided you are VAT exempt. We are unable to refund the VAT from a completed order. Please note that if you have paid by credit card, the charge will appear on your statement as DRI*Upgrade Price
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Sorry, I was checking

Sorry, I was checking version 8 sales record. I didn't know you purchased it recently. The key you received will work on the upcming version 10 as well. Version 10 will be released next month. This key won't work on version 8 though. Do you want a key for version 8 as well?

Yes, please

Yes Paul, I would greatly appreciate that, because I can't find my v 8 email notification either!

Please install version 8

Please install version 8 trial from http://www.biblioscape.com/download/bsp8.exe. Once installed, run Biblioscape 8 and go to the "Help | About" window to get the "machine ID" and email it to support@biblioscape.com. Thanks, Paul

Your email

I do have the email I received from SWREG, but I don't have your email address.