B10: Suggestions: Category Search

It is very useful that one can select a category by typing in the Category panel on the right. However, this only works for the beginning of words. Might it be possible to have this working for any portion of the Category names? E.g., if I have a category called Theatre / Performance Studies, I want to be able to search for it by either word when tagging. Otherwise, I have to remember the name, which is not handy with many categories...



And if you need an example

And if you need an example of this in action, fuzzy searching in Sublime Text is pretty good. It woudl be great to have something like this for ALL searchable items in Biblioscape. Here is a relevant video:


Thank you for the

Thank you for the suggestion. We may include a popup option to show another edit box and let user to enter lookup text there, wildcard in search can then be supported. This is just an idea for the next major release. Thanks, Paul

Thanks for considering, but

Thanks for considering, but wildcards will not be enough here.

One wants to be able to enter an arbitrary combination of letters and see the category list reduced to entries that include the letters that were entered. So that:


would filter out:



Or the letters can be highlighted in the categories, similar to how it works not with the beginnings of words.

This is doable. So when you

This is doable. So when you type "ego", you want the highlight jump to "Categories" and then "Egoism"?

Ideally, it would be good to

Ideally, it would be good to hide all of the entries that do not contain the search string, display all found entries in the sorting order applied before search and highlight the string in the entry.

Here is how it look in OneNote:

And here is how it works in SublimeText:


This can be done in the next

This can be done in the next major upgrade. But we cannot implement the search word highlighting.

I shall look forward to

I shall look forward to that!